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From Clients:


  • "I have gained confidence, strength, and feel so proud of what I’m able to do now. I love the thoughtfulness with which my regimen has advanced. Tiffany started at the basics to make sure I had the form down before advancing me on each exercise. I started off as someone who wasn’t able to do a squat to deadlifting 115lbs!  Tiffany is also working to change some habits around sleep and diet as well, adapting recommendations in an individualized way, to my schedule and life limitations. I went into this to lose weight and have gained so much more than I ever imagined, to the point that this is no longer my primary goal. I was feeling really burned out by the pandemic and Tiffany has given me the gift of feeling back in control, of my health and my body, and for this I will forever be grateful. I feel my stress level is much more manageable, my body feels more toned and significantly stronger and more limber, and I’m able to play with my kids in a way I wasn’t able to before. I also just really enjoy Tiffany’s company- she has such a positive attitude and is just a joy to work with!" - A. Obando

  • "Prior to working with Tiffany I have always struggled with the proper nutritional balance. In particular pre and post workouts. Tiffany created a plan to ensure I take in the proper level of nutrition that is in line with my training plan and objectives. I have gained muscle mass, strength and speed. In particular, we have made tremendous progress on my swim times, cutting more than 20 seconds off my pace per hundred meters during races. I am preparing for triathlon off-road world championships as part of Team USA. I am a life long athlete, being fortunate to compete in NCAA sports in college, and having raced triathlon for the last 15 years. Nutrition has been an ongoing challenge. Tiffany has really helped pull those pieces together, improved performance, and most importantly helped me to feel better." - J. Pickering

  • "Tiffany was absolutely amazing! I came in wanting to focus on strengthening my back, losing weight, and leanring to work out all together. She was able to work around my busy schedule, give different types of workouts, and I am very happy with the results." - D.J.


  • "We always had fun and every workout was challenging, but what made Tiffany stand out was her eye for form (which made me feel safe) and her preparedness (which really made me feel looked after).  She showed up with a plan that was tweaked with any discomfort I felt. Also, I feel as a female trainer, she was more aware of my different comfortability levels when working around males. She was super informative about the different and random questions I had about workouts, foods, and muscle discomfort during our sessions- she had stats and studies memorized, which only aided to how much of a thoughtful and knowledgeable trainer she is." - Muna

  • "I have been training with Tiffany for over six years now and could not be happier with my fitness results.  Tiffany designed custom programs for me in preparation for my wedding, as well as during and after my pregnancy.  She offers complete programs that not only focus on exercise, but also nutrition. Her sessions are varied, challenging and also fun and enjoyable. Best of all, Tiffany is a great motivator and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. I cannot recommend her enough!" - S. Drvostep

  • "Tiffany is the best trainer/nutritionist/fitness guide EVER!  She has completely changed my fitness and food and exercise philosophy---and I really did think I knew it all!  Tiffany's guidance and nutrition recommendations and training take into account where you are in your fitness journey, allows for any joint issues/limitations, and manages to transform the body over time!  I am stronger than I have ever been in my life, I have more confidence, and I am more knowledgeable about the mechanics of my body.  Tiffany is exceptional:  her workouts are motivating and she consistently pushes me to go a bit further, without ever going too far.......she's fun, smart, and a lovely and kind human being.  Her nutrition guidance is balanced and she sets attainable and realistic goals!   I have recommended her to friends and family, she is truly one of a kind.  I am so grateful to have found her and I cannot emphasize enough how amazing it is to work with her---LIFE CHANGING!" - J. Sudduth

  • “You pushed me. You taught me. You inspired me. And you hurt me. In a good way. I think all of your clients are insanely lucky.”  - Q

  • “You are the best! So many trainers lose interest in their clients' form, etc. after a few weeks. You were always bringing the A game!” - C. Grabenstein

  • “Leaving the gym sweaty after a great workout knowing it was a better workout than I would have done on my own or in a group class. It’s been great to learn new skills I can add into my own workouts. Hurting a little bit the next day felt pretty great too! I really looked forward to seeing her every week. I knew that in that hour I’d get a great workout doing exercises that I would never do on my own. Throughout my time with Tiffany my strength improved significantly and she helped me work through a hamstring injury. In addition to the physical help Tiffany was a wonderful nutrition resource. From sharing new favorite recipes to analyzing my husband’s eating habits, the knowledge she shared with me has been a huge benefit.”  -L. Z.

  • “When I first came to Tiffany I was very out of shape due to a serious knee injury. She assured me that we would get my knee stronger and in better condition than before. She wasn't kidding! Today my knee is in perfect shape and I just ran my first marathon since my injury. I always looked forward to my training sessions with Tiffany. No matter how I felt when I entered the gym, I always had a great workout and left feeling very accomplished!”  - P. K.

  • “Tiffany is quite a taskmaster, but in a nice way. I really enjoyed working with her AND she delivered results!  With a mixture of diet and exercise I lost around 20 pounds in 3 months. I feel stronger and more knowledgeable about the importance of weight training when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. I was always impressed that so much strength could exist inside such a cute little package. Very inspiring.”  - T. Forsberg 

  • “Tiffany has a great positive attitude and she has a beautiful balance between supportive and firm. You feel like you have to finish even the exercises you don’t like because you completely trust her judgement that you need to do them. She is very knowledgeable and creative so you never get bored.”  - C. H. 

  • “Tiffany is trustworthy. I was training towards a specific goal, getting stronger & fitter and realizing, hey, I can actually do this....What’s not to enjoy about getting results.”  - C. Smith

From Colleagues

  • "Tiffany Chag stood out not only as a focused, confident and motivating coach to her clients, but as an accomplished athlete herself. Knowing that a trainer with this level of leadership and professionalism is a rare find. Tiffany is someone who always wants to know more, why, how. She attracts people to her who are looking for the same. Trainers and clients alike look to her as a mentor, teacher, leader. She will guide you, challenge you and leave you asking for more.”  - Billy Polson, Founder and Owner of DIAKADI

  • “When I think of Tiffany as a trainer, here’s what comes to mind: innovative, good listener, methodical (but in a good way), bright, and attentive. Oh, and knowledge hungry. She’s consistently pursuing another way to better her clients; and from what I can tell, her clients really reap the benefits. - Andrew Duffy, Personal Trainer

You can't make a commitment unless you accept that it's a choice you make again and again and again. - Leap of Faith

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