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Presented at:

  • American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy: Team Concept Conference, Las Vegas, NV – Kicking a Ball vs. Kicking a Person: Comparative Analysis 

  • Hospital For Special Surgery (HSS)

    • 12th Annual Sports Symposium – The Young Athlete’s Knee – Performance Training for the Young Athlete Following Knee Injury 

    • 12th Annual Sports Symposium – The Rotational Athlete – Identifying Imbalances and Movement Dysfunctions: Soccer 

    • HSS Rehab Grand Rounds: Fuel for Life, Fuel for Sport 

    • HSS Rehab Grand Rounds: Hamstring Tendinopathy 

  • NY Knicks / NY Liberty

    • Youth Basketball Leadership Panel – Strength and Conditioning for the Youth Athlete

    • Youth Basketball Leadership Panel – Developing the Youth Athlete

  • Asics and IronStrength Symposia – Body Maintenance 101: Keys to Keeping Your Body Healthy and Moving

  • TCS New York City Marathon

    • Sports Nutrition for Marathoners 

    • Strength Training for Runners workshop 

    • Maximizing Race Day

    • Foam Rolling for Runners

  • New York Road Runners

    • Eat Right for your Run 

    • Sports Nutrition for the Runner 

    • Dynamic Warm-up and Mobility Movements

    • How to MELT Seminar 

  • St Francis College Men’s Soccer: Eating for Peak Performance 

Featured in: 

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Not everything that can be counted counts, not everything that counts can be counted.  - Albert Einstein

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